Internet use for educational purposes is provided to all staff and students at Haha`ione. However, the user needs to sign a Technology Responsible Use Form (TRUF) to use the internet at school. Students also attend an internet class in grades 3-5 to be aware of proper netiquette and internet safety tips.

Student Internet Policy and Student Publication/Audio Release forms to be completed by all students.

Students and staff members also sign a publication/audio release form. This form allows the school to use media for educational purposes that are described within the form. If a parent, guardian, or eligible student submits a written request for non-disclosure, sometimes referred to as an "opt out," HIDOE may not disclose the student's directory information per the non-disclosure request. The school will accept a signed and dated letter from the parent, guardian, or eligible student.

Student Publication_Audio_Video Release Form.pdf
Technology Responsible Use Form 17-0052.pdf
Technology Responsible Use Guidelines 17-0051.pdf
TRUG and TRUF Frequently Asked Questions.pdf
TRUG Elementary Student Matching Activity.pdf

Parent Notification and Guide to Student Information Privacy in Hawaii Public Schools (ver 2016)

Replacing the Non-Disclosure Opt Out form and to be completed ONLY if parent/guardian slected NO on the Student Publication/Audio Release form.

Parent Notification and Guide to Stu Privacy in HI Public Sch.pdf

G Suite for Education (formerly Google Apps for Education) form is for students in grades 2 to 5. Students are provided with a school gmail account to collaboratively create, edit and share files and websites for school-related projects as well as to communicate by email with their teachers and classmates. The form further describes the tools and student responsibilities for using such services. As with any education endeavor, a strong partnership with families is essential for a success learning experience.

HES Elem - Google Apps for Education Permission Form.pdf

Internet Safety Tips

At Haha`ione we promote safe enjoyment of technology. Here are some resources to enable parents, carers and students to better understand e-safety so everyone can enjoy the internet safely and responsibly.

Storm Drain Water Management Information and How You Can Help

About the City and County of Honolulu Storm Drain System (CC).pdf
Car Washing Guidelines (CC).pdf
Storm Water Pollution Prevention-Home and Garden.pdf
Consolidated Campus Water Pollution Prevention Program and School Newsletter Article.pdf
Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff (EPA).pdf
Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Program (DOE).pdf
Storm Water Pollution Prevention-Auto Maintenance.pdf
Storm Water Cross Word Puzzle.pdf
Only Rain In The Drain (Maze).pdf