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Honolulu Science & Engineering Fair - Farrington High School. 8:00am - 1:00pm

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• February 18 - President's Day - No School


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~ Haha`ione ... where helping hands join on a journey of wonder and discovery! ~

  • PYP Unit #4 - How We Express Ourselves - Poetry, Music, Videos, Visual Art, Dance, Drama are some ways in which people are able to express themselves. This PYP Unit focuses on a very important concept to man's existence. We need to ask ourselves... What is passion? Why are people driven and motivated to achieve? How do we communicate and convey our thoughts, ideas, and feelings to others so we may experience and create meaning in our lives and in the lives of others? What makes our lives so meaningful and significant is that we can build strong relationships and create powerful human connections which allows us to share experiences of wonder, joy, pain, love, learning and passion in life, with others and the world around us.

  • PYP Unit #5 - Sharing the Planet - What are the issues or problems that affect us in the world we live in today? How do we share in the finite resources of our planet so that everyone can benefit from them?

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"How the World Works - Ecosystems, Energy & Matter"

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For new students entering Hahaione Elementary School. Please make sure to complete these forms:

  • Emergency Cards
  • Email Addresses can be used for communication with child's teacher.
  • Student Photo/Video and Audio Release
  • Technology & Internet Permission forms
  • Google & Student Gmail Account permission forms
  • Payments for Student Planners and Lunch Accounts
  • HES T-shirt & order forms
  • Field Trip Parental Permission Forms

After School Study Hall

After School Study Hall in are available for ALL students. Come and let's study and work together in a quiet, caring environment. Our teachers take pride in offering strong academic support and resources to all our students. Please check with your child's homeroom teacher for additional homework help or support if needed. For After School Study Hall in B101, Mr. H is available on Mondays, Tuesday, Thursdays, and Fridays from 2:30pm - 3:45pm.

Please note that some days may be longer, shorter or even cancelled due to faculty or other meetings. - All Student Study Hall Participants are expected to....

  • Receive an after school study hall pass signed by their teacher prior to attending and parental permission is also needed. A teacher may request that a student attend study hall for additional reinforcement in academic areas. Please check with your child's teacher if this is possible.

  • Report and check in to A-Plus first, get permission from A-plus staff, and give them the pass.

  • Attend their own classroom study hall. Please check with your teacher first for available times and days.

  • Students may attend other study halls if students get permission from other grade 5 teachers prior, and notify A-plus staff promptly. Students will need to a get pass or written note daily from a teacher.

  • Follow school, classroom rules, and study halls rules as well.

  • Work quietly, individually or collaboratively, and use their time effectively.

  • Understand that Study Hall is a place to Complete classwork, homework, and use various resources to complete projects, and be appropriate. Study hall is NOT a place to Play or Fool around. DO NOT play games on the computers, unless authorized by a teacher for educational purposes only.

  • Use all resources, supplies, materials, and equipment appropriately.

  • Clean up the classroom environment, supplies and equipment as well.

  • Be respectful, responsible, and caring to others.

  • If students DO NOT ATTEND A-PLUS after school care, then parental permission is needed to attend. Please sign and return form. ALL students are welcome to attend After school Study Halls.


  • Students please remember to wear your PE attire, shoes, and bring a water bottle. Hat, sunscreen are optional. Also, remember individual student conduct is also important. As we are approaching the end of the school year, please remember that the school policies, rules, student conduct, and expectations are still the same. Students are expected to follow and abide by classroom expectations and school rules set by the DOE, Hahaione School, your GLAD teachers, homeroom teachers, administration, recess and lunch supervisors. GLAD Days will be every week on Tuesdays.

Student Planners, Class Websites, and Envelopes:

  • It is essential to check your child's homework assignments for completion and initial planner everyday.
  • Please be on the look out for forms, flyers, messages in the Thursday Envelopes. Students will place them in their bags. Please check your child's bag, complete any forms, sign and return to your child's teacher.
  • Review all IB Units of Inquiry: criteria, timelines, due dates, requirements and rubrics with your child for clarity. Students may need parental assistance to coordinate group meetings, and acquire outside resources, or materials in order to show progress on their projects.
  • Please check our grade 5 level websites periodically updates throughout the year for grade level and school news, upcoming curricular and grade level events.

Planning Ahead: Please Be A Volunteer!

ROOM PARENTS wanted for new school year: Interested in helping out your child's teacher/other class parents? Please help our classes by becoming a Lead Room Parent. - Thank You So Much!

Volunteering this next school year? Check out this link to get you started: I Want to Volunteer

Other School Announcements:

new! FYI: Parking lot procedures. You'll have noticed that the parking lot gets very crowded. Please view map at this link:

Pay for lunch on line at You will need to get your child's 10-digit student number from his/her teacher, as this is private information that cannot be relayed via phone call to office.

HELP WANTED! After school classroom cleaners / Lunch room supervisors / Group leaders, program aides for A+ after school program. If interested in the classroom cleaner/lunchroom supervisor, contact vice principal, Lisa Mendonca; for A+ program, contact Linda Goeas. Leave message in school office.

After-School & Evening Programs at Hahaione:

1) Hula Me Hawaii, Lynn Segawa / 808.561.6021

2) Hawaii Kai Dance, Monica Mariiko / 808.457.5478

3) Kukui Learning Center Creative Writing Class, Crichton Uale /

4) Your Little Artist art classes, Bree McGough /

5) Shotokan Karate, Hiro Maeda, Bob Spear / 808.395.7511; Mr. Bob - 808.937.0609 6) Mathnasium / 808.949.8545

7) Mandarin/Chinese language, Angelica Roth / 808.738.7308,

8) Sakura Japanese Class, Shizuyo Ribao / 808.383.6845

9) Han-Jia Academy / 808.798.0464

Community Info: new! Parents & Toddlers activity. See link for more info:

Niu Valley Middle School Information:

  • NEW! Niu Valley Middle School Uniform Sale:

  • All Incoming grade 6 students to Niu Valley, get a jump on NVMS's announcements by signing up for our parent email blast group. Just email Parent Coordinator Joanne Imada at

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