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No Bully Program at Hahaione

At Hahaione School we have the No Bully Program to stop bullies and help the targets. The program is three weeks, it encourages targets to report incidents to their parents, teachers, supervisors, or any other adult that they trust, or they can put a request in the No Bully box located in the office.
The program also includes the Solution Team and Solution Coaches. When somebody reports an incident, one of the Solution Coaches investigates to find out if it is really bullying. If it is bullying, a Solution Coach will form a Solution Team. The Solution Team thinks of ways to help the situation.  
The people that are Solution Coaches are the Counselor ( Mrs. Heberle), the Principal ( Mr.Goo), the SSC ( Mrs. Shigeta), and the PCNC (Mrs. Murai).      
What is Bullying?
Bullying happens when a student or a group of students target a less powerful student using one or more of the following categories of behavior:
      1. Physical Bullying - when a student uses physical force to hurt another student by hitting, pushing, shoving, kicking, taking a student’s belongings or stealing their money
      2. Verbal Bullying - when a student uses words or gestures to humiliate another student by threatening, taunting, intimidating, insulting, sarcasm, name-calling, teasing, slurs, graffiti, put-downs or ridicule
      3. Relational Bullying - when a student isolates another student from their peer group through leaving them out, gossiping, spreading rumors or scapegoating
      4. Cyber Bullying - when a student uses a cell phone, texts, emails, websites, or social media to bully another student in any of the ways above
How can you avoid being a bully
  • Treat everyone with kindness
  • Treat others the ways you want to be treated or use the Golden Rule everywhere you go
  • It is okay to get angry but it is not okay to hurt others physically or verbally
  • When your angry calm down before you say or do anything
  • When your calm try to solve the problem together
What to do if you are being Bullied
  •  First you should tell an adult
    • You didn't do anything wrong so don't be afraid to tell
    • Most adults want to help you
  • If you feel safe, you can stand up to the Bully
    • Let them know you do not like what they are doing
    • Do not get physical or say hurtful things back
    • Stay Calm
  • Avoid the bully and/or stay in a group
This is the No Bully request form. If you are being Bullied and you need help, fill this out and put it in the box in the office and a Solution Coach will contact you.
" Ignore the people who are always talking behind your back. That's where they belong, behind you."