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Internet use for educational purposes is provided to all staff and students at Haha`ione. However, the user needs to sign an Technology Responsible Use Form (TRUF) to use the internet at school. Students also attend an internet class in grades 3-5 to be aware of proper netiquette and internet safety tips. Click for more information on TRUF and TRUG (Technology Responsible Use Guidelines).
Students and staff members also sign a publication/audio release form. This form allows the school to use media for educational purposes that are described within the form. If a parent, guardian, or eligible student submits a written request for non-disclosure, sometimes referred to as an "opt out," HIDOE may not disclose the student's directory information per the non-disclosure request. The school will accept a signed and dated letter from the parent, guardian, or eligible student.
Please see the forms section to download and complete if needed.