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No Bully Program for Parents

Did You Know Across The Nation:
  • Every 7 minutes a child is Bullied or Abused.
  • 56% of students have personally witnessed some type of Bullying at school.
  • 160,000 kids stay home Everyday to avoid being Bullied.
  • 90% of 4th grade to 8th graders report being victims of Bullying
  • 71% of students report incidents of Bullying as a problem at school.
  • 90% of students are targeted for Bullying or Cyber Bullying

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Bullying is different from just playing around or peer conflict. It occurs when a student, or group of students, repeatedly hurt or humiliate another student.  Bullying and harassment often cause lasting physical and mental harm, marginalize diverse students and negatively impact the entire school culture.
How to know if your child is being bullied
  • Your child may feel depression or anxiety
  • May have a hard time sleeping and/or frequent nightmares
  • Fear of going to school
  • A different appetite like eating more than normally or not eating much 
  • May isolate themselves
  • Maybe won't enjoy the activities they used to like before
  • May have unexplainable bruises or broken bones
  • Demonstrates psychosomatic symptoms
  • Also may think him/her is helpless and hopeless

(Kajioka, Coren, Dr. "Bullying." Personal interview. 4 Feb. 2016.)

What to do if you think that your child is being bullied
  • Talk to your child about what is going on
  • Encourage your child to report it to a teacher, counselor or the principal
  • If your child doesn't feel confident to report the incident you can report it yourself
  • If your child shares thoughts of hurting themselves get them professional help like therapists
  • Continue to support your child to not feel down and tell them who cares what the bully says or thinks   

No Bully Program at Hahaione

At Hahaione School we have the No Bully Program to stop bullies and help the targeted students. The program is three weeks, it encourages targets to report incidents to their parents, teachers, supervisors, or any other adult that they trust, or they can put a request in the No Bully box located in the office.
The program also includes the Solution Team and Solution Coaches. When somebody reports an incident, one of the Solution Coaches investigates to find out if it is really bullying. If it is bullying, a Solution Coach will form a Solution Team. The Solution Team thinks of ways to help the situation.  
The people that are Solution Coaches are the Counselor ( Mrs. Heberle), the Principal ( Mr.Goo), the SSC ( Mrs. Shigeta), and the PCNC (Mrs. Murai).  
To watch a No Bully video produced by a Kaiser High School student and starring some of our Peer Mediators, click here: