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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Friends of Hahaione School Community:


The 2015 spring semester is well under way. Immersing myself in the curriculum and instruction, I have observed students being exposed to a tremendous amount of quality learning experiences. Our entire staff is dedicated to preparing your child for college and career in a multitude of ways. Many times at other schools the arts get push to the way side with additional core curricular demands. At Hahaione Elementary School, the arts are valued and help to prepare the whole child.   Preparing them for success in college is not enough. Nurturing the creative mind allows students to find future success in career and in life.


This semester we are diving into a rich arts history curriculum exploring the elements of art with Ms. Miller. We also proudly continue to have a music teacher, Mr. Cutter, to support another one of the special strengths in our students. Our Mandarin program, as a part of our International Baccalaureate (IB), is full steam ahead with Ms. Shimabukuro. Students are exploring the IB attitudes through physical fitness with Mr. Avry. Finally, we have been awarded an Artist in the Schools grant and welcome back Mr. Michael Cowell, an award winning playwright. This professional writer, actor and director will work directly with our students to enhance their communication skills.


We also continue to live the IB Learner Profile values in everything we do. We ask you to inquire with our students about how they live them every day.


This balanced focus on academics, character, and the arts, will provide all students the opportunity to achieve their dreams.


Since we are always trying to improve the quality of education, please approach or call me about any suggestions and/or questions that may come up.


Aloha and mahalo for trusting us with your keiki,

Shannon Cappy Goo