Costume Day Festivities May Be Modified (10/31) Due to Weather

Dear Parents:

Due to the weather, Costume Day festivities may be modified tomorrow, Wednesday, October 31st.

The Costume Parade was scheduled to begin at 8:30 am.  Depending on the weather, we may or may not parade around the school as planned.

If there is little to no rain, the parade may commence. Please be aware that the time of the parade may change. 

If we decide that it is raining too hard to parade around, we may send the students directly to the cafeteria for an assembly if it is safe to do so. If it is raining too hard, we may cancel all events.

As always, the safety and well-being of our students and staff is our priority.

We will leave the decision to come in costume tomorrow up to each family.  The school cannot be held responsible for any costume that is damaged due to the weather or other circumstances.  If you do decide to come in costume tomorrow, please read the attached flier for additional rules.

(See attached file: Costume Parade flier.pdf)

If you prefer that your child not participate in any of the Costume Day events, please notify your teacher and accommodations will be made to have your child remain in the office or literacy center for the duration of the festivities.

Thank you for your support and flexibility!

Attached Files